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In Loving Memory of SAZ

In March 2004 Saskia , 'SAZ', died on the age of 29 due to the results of that terrible disease, 'Public Enemy No. 1' cancer.

During the final days of her life, she resided in a Hospice, where she could say farewell to her life, family and friends in dignity and still could recieve the best of medical care.

During this period she started to care about the faith of children in a simulair situation. She worried more about this, than her own situation......

She was horrified by the fact, that for these children, their parents and relatives, relatively little was possible to make the remaining days of these children a little bit more bearable.

And this is were Stichting SAZ wants to try to give a helping hand...

Stichting SAZ will be involved in finding funds for charities which are contributing to solve or ease these problems.

Stichting SAZ will also be organising or support events with that same goal...

More information about this can be found under 'Our Projects' in the menu.

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